Here are some tips on how to get your child ready for a Photoshoot! These tips will make the experience stress free so they can have a great time!

1. Tell your child what will happen in the family photo shoot. A few days before the photo shoot talk to your child about what will happen and present this as a fun time for the whole family. You can also promise a “reward” after their session such as going to do something they like to do, going for an ice cream or getting a new toy.

2. Take care of your child’s comfort. Choose a time when your child is well rested, has the most energy and has eaten before the photo shoot. Be prepared to bring some extra snacks that are small and not messy and include a couple extra water bottles for everyone in the family!

3. Make sure your child is comfortable in what they are wearing. Make sure to dress with the weather in mind! I know here in Madison and Huntsville or pretty much anywhere in Alabama we can have all seasons in one day so make sure you’re prepared. Make sure to pick out your outfits before the day of your photo shoot so you are not stressed on the day of your shoot.

4. I’m capturing your child at the stage they are in so don’t stress about their smile; their best smiles come from making your child laugh or smile naturally. I want them to have fun and be themselves and I will be ready to capture every bit of their personality!

5. You can also bring a book they love, a stuffy, a toy that makes them feel safe. Props are always welcome!